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Shooting Range Rules


  • Keep all guns unloaded and in a case, when you are in the parking lot or moving between ranges (except during trap league). Guns can be uncased and loaded only when at the firing line and preparing to fire.
  • Muzzles must point upward or downrange at all times; unless the gun is on a gun rack or in a case.
  • When the “Range Closed” command is given, everyone must stay behind the firing line. Shooters must open their actions, empty the chamber, empty the magazine, and place the empty gun on the rack. All guns must remain empty with actions open until shooters are on the shooting line and the “Commence Fire” command is given.
  • If others are down range, actions must be open and shooters must step back from the benches.
  • Ranges are small – make room for others when needed; and remember to clean up after yourself.  Pick up brass, targets and keep the area clean.  Dispose of unwanted brass in the designated containers.
  • Shooters, spotters and club personnel must wear appropriate eye and hearing protection while on the range.
  • Shoot only at paper targets on the designated target holders at the backstop. Take note of the target placement relative to the wood framework.  Do not shoot at the wooden posts or wood framework.
  • Do not set targets on top of the bullet traps or backstops; there is no shooting of glass on the ranges. Do not shoot at glass or clay targets on the ranges.
  • On all ranges, bullets MUST impact the bullet traps, berms or backstops.
  • Projectiles must not leave our property!
  • Ranges must only be used for their intended purposes.
  • Shooters must be signed in at the appropriate range.
  • Fully automatic guns are not allowed to be fired without written permission from the Board of Directors.

Rifle Range: Rifles and shotguns are allowed.

Handgun Range: Centerfire and rimfire handguns are allowed.

Trap Range: Shotguns only and trap shells must be 7 ½ shot or smaller.

Archery: Do not shoot broadheads into the 3-D targets or bales.

Pistol: No drawing from the holster; fire from the ready position only.

Rifle and Pistol:

  • .50 BMG guns are not allowed to be fired at the rifle range due to the load report and muzzle blast.
  • “Tannerite” and other exploding targets are not allowed on the range without written permission from the Board of Directors.
  • No bump shooting or rapid-fire devices are allowed on the range due to safety concerns.

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