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Trap League Rules 2022

2022 Trap League 

What's new for 2022:

  • April 13 & 14:  Practice Rounds (can also count as scoring rounds - must indicate scoring when you get your card punched)
  • April 20 & 21:  1st week of scoring rounds (dates are also listed on the calendar)
  • You can shoot back until May 19th
  • Individual league shooters must be a current paid member of Isanti County Sportsmen's Club. 
  • Memberships can be paid anytime before or on the first day of league.  If your membership is not current, you will receive a zero (0) score until your membership is paid.
  • Trap card costs:  $136.00 (includes 16 scoring rounds and 1 practice shoot),  cards expire on 09/01/2022 and cannot be redeemed for unused rounds.
  • Shell catchers are required on all semi-automatic guns or rubber bands - No exceptions!  First offense - warning, second offense NO SCORE!
  • Shooters can sign up for ONE ROUND at a time.  Holding Spots:  You cannot sign up and punch cards for other team members currently not in attendance.
  • If you are not on the line and ready to shoot when your round is up, you will receive a scratch, or 0 (zero) points for that round.
  • Scoring:  during the first 5 weeks of shooting, if you miss a week or two and shoot back, the first score you shoot will count as the current weeks' score.  Any additional make up shooting will post to the next most recent week.
  • Review the trap league rules (in upper right-hand corner) for additional information.

Trap Teams shoot on Wednesdays and Thursdays (barring holidays) from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.
The club must be vacated by 11:00 p.m.
If there are no shooters during a 30 minute time span, the club will close early.

Questions: Contact Heather Mix 763-439-3977 or your Trap Captain

Team Scores as of June 26

Red Team

Top Gun: 
Most Improved Shooter: 

Blue Team

Top Gun: 
Most Improved Shooter:  

Youth Team

Top Gun: 
Most Improved Shooter: 



R1: Pheasant Ridge B1: Princeton Rental Y1: MDHA Forkhorn #1
R2: Ducks Unlimited B2: Scared Hitless Y2: MDHA Forkhorn #2
R3: Tailgators B3: Brian's Insulation Y3: PF Rowdy Roosters
R4: We've Reloaded B4: Lead Dispensers Y4: PF Cackling Clays
R5: The Wads B5: Da Hosers
R6: Rum River Builders B6: Shootin' for PFun
R7: PF Full Chokers B7: MDHA
R8: Kevin's Gun Service B8: 

"25" Shooters
*= add'l 25 round shot, not consecutive
Tom Akers
Dake Anderson
John Anderson
Geno Brese ***
Jim Fridstrom
Tim Goodhart *
Jeremy Hass
Kevin Jensen * 50 * 50
Bob Kahring
Kyle Kleven
Karsten Kutney
Jordan Larkin
Loren Larson *
Mike Lind
Dave Machinski
Tim Mattson
Broc Miller
Brian Nelson *
Phil Olson 50
John Peterson
Mike Peterson *
Charlie Phillips
Kody Puck
Larry Puck
Dale Rumpel ***
Bruce Selvig
Joe Willmert *

Welcome Back Trap Kids - 2022!

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